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Posted: 8 months ago

Create a digital version of this logo - image provided.

We are a start-up fitness and nutrition company that offers personal training, nutrition coaches and educational services.

We want the illustrated concept to become a digital logo.
That we ask is the following:

- turn the drawing into a digital file
- Improve, hone and, possibly, revise the design provided (we are open for ideas / revisions) < Br /> - Provide us with all file types (for IG, YT, website, clothing, graphics, etc.)
- We need both black and white and color versions

The following is expected:
- The text should stand out.
This is mainly a black and white design, we are not against the use of any shade of gray (which will be considered before completion)

This is not a project that will take ry long time.
We hope to complete the work not later than Friday, May 1.

Thanks in advance for your help, you're awesome!

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Работаю в AutoCAD, 3dsMax, CorelDRAW, Adobe Premiere, SketchUp, Autodesk Inventor, Adobe Photoshop
Опыт более 15 лет
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Дорожу репутацией.
2D Graphics, 3D Graphics Design, Icon Design
2D Graphics, 3D Graphics Design, Icon Design, Logo Design, Web Design
Terms: 1 day
we deliver your taste
2D Animation, 3D Animation, 2D Graphics
2D Animation, 3D Animation, 2D Graphics, Logo Design
Terms: 2 days
Hey there I see you're looking for someone who can create an engaging logo

One that'll not only capture the attention of your viewers but send your message across multiple mental and social borders , stick to budget and turn out with exceptional quality.

I understand what you're looking for

Please note that our offer is negotiable.

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