Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Beesy.pro!

We recommend you to refer periodically to this page of the Agreement for advice on certain issues, as well as to obtain up-to-date information on issues related to the Terms and Conditions of the website. The administration of the Beesy.pro website has the right to update this Agreement at its sole discretion.

Website Terminology.

Beesy.pro uses the following terminology:

"Freelancer" / "Specialist" / "Professional" / "Performer" / "Agency" / "Team" — a person / persons who makes an advertisement of his activities, performs work and uses the website service.

"Employer" / "Company" — a person / persons who provides work in the form of projects and vacancies. Employer also searches for freelancers / teams to perform work using the services of the website.

"User" - any person who has signed up on Beesy.pro to use website services.

"Visitor" - any person who visits the website.

Short List of Website Services.

The company's service is for the people interested in finding a job or searching for specialists / teams to do the job.

The website allows the visitor to sign up and select one of the account types: Specialist Account or Employer Account.

For all the users (professionals and employers), a rating is calculated. More information about the calculation of the rating can be found in the FAQ section.

If desired, the user can access the paid services of the Beesy.pro website after selecting and paying for the service. He uses the automatic mechanism for transactions tracking and providing the service.

Responsibility Limits of the Beesy.pro Website

Administration of this website is not responsible for:

1. The veracity of the information provided and posted by the user. Responsibility for providing this kind of information lies entirely with the user.

2. The quality of work performed by Specialists / Teams. It also does not participate in mutual disputes and does not clarify the relationship between the Specialist / Team and the Employer in case when the project / job budget is not reserved on Beesy.pro and all communications are made via the platform. 

3. Control over the placement of plagiarism or works that violate copyright on the website. Responsibility for the publication of such materials lies with the website user.

4. Claims related to unstable work or the quality of the provided service.

5. Claims and guarantees for goods and/or services sold or purchased with the help of the service, and their suitability for a specific purpose or the absence of a violation of the third parties’ rights.

6. Claims against users of the service and/or any of their actions.

The administration of this website prohibits publication, posting on the website, development and sale of the following materials:

1. The ones that violate local laws, as well as international laws.

2. Materials containing any kind of hacker programs, such as viruses, trojans, spam tools, as well as serial numbers for commercial software products and programs for their generation, as well as placing links to the above information.

3. Materials which include pornography, advertising of intimate services.

4. Materials using offensive vocabulary to specific individuals or organizations and fueling conflicts of all kinds.

5. Propaganda of fascism, hatred, discrimination and everything that is aimed at restricting the rights of minorities or social groups on any basis: racial, ethnic, sexual, religious, social.

6. Materials that affect any patent, trademark, copyright or other proprietary rights, copyright and related rights of a third party.

7. Materials violating the normal work of the Beesy.pro website.

Terms of Use of Beesy.pro website.

By registering on Beesy.pro, you agree to the Terms and Conditions, which are the above Agreement. Beesy.pro user is allowed to register on the website only once. The login name selected by the user cannot be changed later. Registration of multiple accounts for one user is prohibited.

The website administration reserves the right to unilaterally refuse, suspend or interrupt the provision of the service for any of the website users in case of violation of the website rules.

The website user is solely responsible for providing true information in the registration form. He has to keep secret his login and password information. The user is responsible for providing this data to others, as well as for the consequences of such use. The user is obliged to inform the website administration if he finds out unauthorized access to the website using his login and password, or any other security breaches.

All the responsibility for any kind of material and publications, including the responsibility for plagiarism and the use of copyright of others, lies entirely with the user of the website that posts the relevant information.

Beesy.pro policy

The policy of Beesy.pro Administration is to provide and maintain the level of quality services, user privacy, and also to curb any actions that may interfere with the normal work of the website. In case of violations of the rules listed above, the administration takes serious measures to the users of the website, such as removing of the material posted on the website without notice, temporary ban, up to the permanent ban of a user.

Your acceptance of this Agreement means that you have assumed the obligation of the unconditional observance of the rules of the Beesy.pro website.

If you have got any questions, need support or want to report about the violation, please contact us.