For safe balance and transactions operations on the website, we carry out a mandatory confirmation of users actions using verification codes via e-mail.

To deposit funds, go to the main menu and click “Balance”.

Then click “Deposit funds”, enter the replenishment amount(the minimum is $1), click “Deposit”and choose the payment system.

On the website are possible the next payment methods:

- Visa card or MasterCard;

- Paypal.

You can use Safe Deal service on the website. To do this click “Safe deal” during the project creation.

Safe Deal gives you a financial guarantee for your project implementation, quality and on time. Due to the payment freezing on the service, you can be sure that you will not lose your money if the performer does not comply or refuses your project.

The commission for using the Safe Deal is 7% of the project budget.

Posting a project you can choose who will pay this commission: you, the performer or 50/50.

On the projects and jobs management page choose the one you need and click “Reserve funds”.

On the funds reservation page in the “Amount” field enter the replenishment amount(the minimum is $1), then click “Reserve”.

Project funds will be automatically frozen on your balance.

You can pay for the services using your balance. For this you need to choose the service you are interested in (for example PRO account, status “Pin” or “HOT” for the project) and click on the payment page “ Balance”. Payment funds for the chosen service will be automatically disposal from your balance.

If you need to transfer funds between users of the website, you can use the “Funds transfer”. It`s useful for collaboration.

Important! If you pay for the performer's services using this function, we do not guarantee that you will not lose your money if he/she does not fulfill or abandons your project. The Dispute Resolution Service only works in case of using a Safe Deal.

On the balance management page click “Funds transfer”, in the opened window enter user`s login and the transfer amount (the minimum is $1), then click ldquo;Transfer”.

Promocode is a combination of numbers and letters that website users get as a bonus or promotion prize.

Promocodes allow you to get a gift amount for website services such as: PRO account, status “Pin” or “HOT” for projects and jobs.

To activate your promocode go to the balance page and in the field “Enter promocode” enter the relevant data and click“Activate”.

Important!  Projects payments, transfers between users and funds withdrawal using bonuses are impossible.

To request a withdrawal from your balance (the minimum sum is $1) in the account settings specify the preferred withdrawal method.

To do this go to “Settings” and in the side menu click “Funds withdrawal”. In the opened window specify the preferred withdrawal method.

To send a withdrawal request, click “;Funds withdrawal”.

In the opened window fill out a form to generate a withdrawal request. It will differ depending on the chosen withdrawal method.

Important! Funds withdrawal is carried out within two working days from the application date.

If there is a commission for the chosen withdrawal, it will be written off from your balance.