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Funds are reserved by debiting the required amount from your balance.

Balance replenishment is possible in the following ways:

  • Visa / MasterCard;
  • Paypal.

You can change the project budget before selecting the performer and changing the project status to “In progress”

To do this go to “My projects”, hover mouse over the project you need and click editing.

If you want to change the budget, move the mouse over the desired project and click “Funds reservation”,in the opened window you will have the opportunity to increase the project funds.

You can choose another performer only at the initial stage of cooperation. To do this, go to the section “In progress”, mouse over the desired project and click “Change performer”.        

Note, if the Performer has accepted the project, his change is possible only through Dispute Resolution Service.        

There are two ways to return reserved funds:        

1. If the Performer has not been chosen for the project and the project needs to be closed, the reserved funds can be returned through an appeal to Beesy.pro support service.        

2. If the Performer was selected for the project and the project received the status “In progress” reserved funds can be returned only through the Dispute Resolution Service.        

To withdraw your funds from the balance on the Beesy.pro website you need to go to the balance page and select“Funds withdrawal”.        

In the opened window fill in the form: specify the amount and the preferred payment method. Please note, that the payment system commission will be deducted from the withdrawal amount. The withdrawal request is considered within 2 working days and is carried out in manual mode.        

Project cancelation is possible only through Dispute Resolution Service.         

Project Specification - is a document containing detailed Employer`s requirements about results and quality of the service and / or work provided by the Performer.

Project Specification can be compiled by:        

 - Employer;        

 - Performer, after specifying the project details with the employer;        

 - Third side, the employer orders specifications drafting for the project.        

Note, only the employer can upload the Project Specification.