Effective Ways To Keep Staff Motivated

Posted 15 June 2020

Here are some effective ways to keep staff motivated and on top of their game. 

Talk To Employees About Motivating Elements 

The best way to get familiar with elements that motivate your employees is through conversation. That's right. You need to start talking to your staff if you want to know what they think. And when you take on new people, ask them about the things they aspire to. The point is to get interactive and understand how you can possibly put your employees in a better mood. Are they working towards higher positions? Do they want to achieve certain goals while in their current position? Make it a habit to talk to employees, especially when the topic is based on motivation. And from these talks, you can help employees stay motivated. 

Learn To Trust Your Team 

As a focused leader or manager, you probably feel it necessary to micromanage every section of the business. And while this proactive attitude can be the reason why you have your position, it can cause issues with employees too. The truth is employees need to feel like you trust them in order to be motivated. But how can they feel like part of the business when their work is double-checked around every corner? Or when they are not given any space to work? Ultimately, you have to learn to trust the people you employ. Otherwise, they will never be motivated to give 100%.

Break Away From Tradition

Living in such a digitally advanced world makes a traditional office setting pretty redundant. And as you already know, every employee has different personal responsibilities. So, why not look at the possibility of breaking away from typical office traditions? For example, you can arrange more flexible hours. And what about working from home once a week? Simply being more lenient about how much time employees have to spend at the office can go a long way in terms of keeping them motivated. By adopting Tracktime24 managing flexible working patterns will be a doddle.

Give Praise Where Praise Is Due 

Whether you want to accept it or not, the business cannot function without employees. They have to do their part if you want to see the business grow and develop. But just because you pay them does not mean they feel recognized for their efforts. And when they perform well, it keeps them motivated when you point it out. A small gesture or a simple "thank you" reminds employees about how important they are to the business. And it cannot be stressed enough how critical this element is for motivation. When employees feel undervalued, nothing is going to motivate them.


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