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February 2019
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Design of the site of the village "Vashurikha Live" with wow

In continuation of cooperation with the village "Vashurikha Live", for which previously did outdoor advertising, it is necessary to refine their site. While the budget is limited, we decided to do just a section on the sale of houses in the village - this is the most urgent task today ... and we will return to the question of developing the site and expanding its functionality a little later when the content for content is undermined ...

By the way, I posted my own literary editorial as an example of working with text on my website - to demonstrate what I can create with text (well, for the curious) - http://petrovich-design.ru/example-sozdaniya-reklamnogo -teksta-dlya-kontenta-sajta.html

While laid out the site on a temporary address ... http://vasuricha.petrovich-design.ru
added: 1 year ago