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Posted: 1 year ago
We are to build an automated Instagram system, connecting through Instagram's private API.

We need help with architecting the system, DevOps, and development.

System will rely heavily on the php library mgp25/Instagram-API (can be found on github) to connect with Instagram's private API.

A somewhat similar project, but with a different focus could be found at

A video demonstrating a prototype/proof of concept we built some years ago can be found at


We need to be able to input into our system, in bulk, Instagram usernames and passwords.

From there a proxy from our pool of proxies needs to be selected for each IG account and each account needs to attempt to login to IG.

If login is unsuccessful (sms or email verification needed), backend must login to email or smsvoip account associated with IG account, collected verification code and verify through the IG API.

Once accounts are logged in they each need to enter a set up phase where they add profile photo, change bio info, post some photos, and follow a few accounts and hashtags.

Once accounts are set up they need to enter into a warm up phase, following 25 people the first day (5% of max allowable) and everyday increasing by 1 percent. Posting photos should continue at 1 post per account per day.

Accounts should continue to follow every day until they have followed 5000 other accounts. From then on They should unfollow and follow equal amounts. Continuing with one photo post per day.

None of the IG accounts in our control should ever follow the same account.

Accounts should pull from the same pool of photos for posts, but never post the same photo.

So a system needs to be build to find targets for each IG account to follow (max 500 a day per account). Tageting must be selective, ie user post a photo with specific hashtag, user follows specific other user, user is suggested to be followed by IG)

We should be able to control 250 IG accounts in this system.

A dashboard needs to be built to monitor number of IG accounts in the system, number or active accounts, failed accounts, follows per day, followers/following total, etc, etc, etc.


* All IG actions need to be tracked for analytics

* At MAX we will need to find 125,000 unique IG users PER DAY to follow that have not been followed before by anyone in our system

* Account following at 100% speed can follow/unfollow AT MOST once every 20 seconds

* New Account following at 5% speed can follow/unfollow AT MOST once every 60 seconds

* IG accounts need to do an "app refresh" once an hour that takes 10-30 seconds per account

* Each follow takes 0.5 - 1.0 seconds if a connection to Instagram server is already open. (Each IG has own proxy so needs own connection)

* Each new connection / re-connection takes 1-2 seconds

* Ability to do 125,000 follows / unfollows per day goal


Worker pool / queue system? (RabbitMQ? Redis? AWS Elastic Beanstalk)

* Con: have to make new connection to IG for every action
* PRO: More efficient with processes
Each account keeps an open connection and running process, does X amount of follows for the hour, sleeping 20-60 seconds between follows, then closes?
* CON: Lots of concurrent long running processes (too many? not a problem?)
* CON: Too many DB connections?
* PRO: No 1-2 second extra connection time per follow

125,000 follows a day X 2 seconds extra connection time per follow = 69 Hours of extra compute time per day on just re-connecting to IG. (Problem? Not a problem?)

Database for tracking all completed follows and targets to follow? (MySQL? PostgreSQL?)

* System needs to run for 3 months at max capacity
* follows/unfollows table will be over 10 million records
* Targets to follow table will be over 10 million records
* Speed of cross referencing tables to make sure no accounts are following same users?

Too many DB connection with large worker pool? (memcache? redis?)

Framework? Library we want to use is in PHP, so Laravel? Symfony? None/Custom?

Infrastructure? (AWS? DigialOcean/VPS? Dedicated server? Heroku/PaaS?)

Where dour team you fit in?
What is your expertise?
What would your strategy be for this project?
How much time commitment do you have?
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Dear сlient. Our team can help you perfectly. We are very confident with our skills and we'd like to help your business by doing our best. Our clients have never been frustrated with our work and we hope to make you one of them. We are able to start working right away. Please confirm that our team is one of the best fits for you and drop me a message for further discussion. Thanks and best regards.


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Hello, dear client! We can help you with the project. Please let me know when we can discuss in more details so that we could proceed further. Looking forward for your response.
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