Instagram Growth & Engagement Strategy Creation

Budget 340$ per month
Posted: 1 year ago
We have a great Instagram feed with excellent food+science content but we haven’t ever had time to engage and follow up posts, so we have relatively few followers (1.6k). We therefore need to create a simple, effective Growth & Engagement Strategy. We are about to employ a Social Media Daily Engager to run our daily engagement (not necessarily to create posts – we will continue to create most of these, although that content is also part of this project) and this person will need to follow the Strategy to increase our (REAL) followers and engagement.

We will be employing a Social Media Daily Engager in February (probably via PeoplePerHour) and we’ll pay them £70/week to follow the Strategy. We will expect them to be able to use this to grow our (REAL) followers by 50-200/week to begin with, and we will then set them extra monthly bonus targets. You may be the person/company to do this too, but it’s not essential.

THE TWIST to this project is that as part of the strategy we also want you to prove that the strategy works by growing the feed by 100 (REAL) followers using the strategy you have created. This is a key deliverable of the project.

The Strategy will be a clear, well-written, simple document including:
1). A review of the content on our feed, suggestions of what should change or be done to make it more effective – type of content, time of posting, text formats, bio changes etc etc.
2). A review of Instagram growth techniques that do or don’t work, especially with regard to their new algorithms.
3). How would you propose we handle/create Stories? Is there something else we should also focus time on?
4). MAIN DELIVERABLE: A great, realistic, achievable overall strategy to give to our Social Media Engager, designed to increase (real) followers and engagement.
5). A set of sample tasks/schedule that the Social Media Engager can realistically complete in one hour per day to use their time most effectively. How do we best use their time?
6). Plan (and samples) for likes, comments, follows/unfollows
7). A list of the most appropriate targets, competitors and similar accounts
8). List of the best hashtags (and a scheme for hashtag use)
9). We also want ideas for a very simple system whereby we can verify that the Social Media Engager has actually been doing the work, to make sure that an hourly fee has been used effectively, and a set of guidelines for How to manage the Social Media Daily Engager
10). Other ideas to boost our feed.

11). Finally we want to see proof that the strategy is realistic and usable, and that you have used it to gain 100 followers.

Please send us a PROPOSAL of how you would create the above Strategy, with insights into Instagram growth and engagement, and why you are the best company/person to do it, with examples of your work.
You will need: Experience in Instagram strategy, social media creation and management – and actually implementing that strategy! We want to see examples of your work. Great English language skills, and an understanding of Instagram algorithms (or at least an understanding of how to work with them) will be very important. Please be aware that we DON’T want fluffy buzzwords but a very clear and practical plan.
Please note that, with respect, we are a bullshit-free organisation. Please don’t lie, exaggerate or send made-up CVs or imaginary portfolios. If you’ve done some great work and you’re enthusiastic, experienced and clever, that’s great.

Take a look at our feed and web site:
Instagram: GastronautLab
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