Booking assistance needed - Remote $200/month. United States.

kendricksearl :
Average bid$140
Budget 200$ per month safe
Posted: 1 year ago

Title: Booking assistance needed - Remote

Temporary Accommodation business seeks someone to screen messages.

* Must be self-starter, analytical, tech-savvy, and have a willingness to learn.

* Must be in the and speak fluent English.

- Being physically located in the US is a bonus.
- Having an iPhone is a bonus, as we prefer to use iMessage, but not a necessity.

This position will require you to install both the Airbnb and HomeAway apps on your mobile device so that you can be the first point-of-contact.

You will either tell the potential guest the unit is unavailable or let us know the guest is a candidate.

Very simple work but must read messages thoroughly to be able to identify keywords.

Trial period of 1-month initially to test if you are a good fit.

Each message takes about 5 minutes max and there are maybe 1-2 messages a day, rarely as many as 5/day.

Again, you will only be responsible for the initial message so there is minimal time-commitment. All messages must be responded to within 1 hour of having arrived, we are really looking for someone that can respond sooner, most of the time.


CRITICAL: If you are not reliable, please do not apply!

If all works out, there is potential for more responsibility and twice the amount of pay.

If interested, please tell me why you think you would be a good fit, list any relevant experience, as well as your timezone and hours you will be “online.”

Pay starts at $100~$200/month.


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I am a personable and astute person with proven time management and collaboration skills developed  from my internship experiences and several volunteer engagements. I have good interaction and communication skills enhanced from being an exchange student to the United States for a year and I am a tech-savvy person(Infromation Technology grad). I can send in my rsum upon request.  I live in Ghana and can be available from 6:00AM GMT to 10:30PM GMT Mondays-Saturdays. On Sundays I can be available from 10:00AM to 10:30PM. Looking forward to hearing from you soon :)
Business Consulting, Essay Writing, Tutors & Teachers
Business Consulting, Essay Writing, Tutors & Teachers, HR & Recruiting, Project Management, Sales Management, Business Analysis, Business Plans, Data Mining & Management, Market Research
Terms: 30 days
I am really interested in this job and I can assure you I will do it great, I can be online 24 hours per day and I can answer within 10 min maximum to all messages. Even if its night and I will get message, I will get notification on my IPhone and wake up and answer it. 
Dont hesitate to contact me and you wont regret it.
Customer Service, Data Entry, Database Administration
Customer Service, Data Entry, Database Administration, Accounting Services, Project Management
Terms: 30 days
I am a confident communicator with excellent reading comprehension. I have great interpersonal skills and can problem solve most administrative and technical queries. With over a decade of office experience, I can guarantee professional communication, as well as reliable and consistent work performance.

I am currently located in AEDT (GMT11) and can be available in US time zones.
Business Analysis, Business Plans, Data Mining & Management
Business Analysis, Business Plans, Data Mining & Management, Market Research, Public Relations (PR), Bug Fix, Article & Blog Writing, Content Management, Copywriting, Editing & Proofreading
Terms: 100 days
To whom it may concern,

Im interested in this job, as I have the relevant skills, knowledge, and experience required for the project which makes me fit for the task. My time zone is GMT 1 which is perfect for me to handle the task. You can select me for quality and excellent service. Im confident in handling this task and assure you of timely delivery.
I am readily available to start immediately and for any further discussions with me.

Administrative Support
Terms: 30 days
The most important thing as I see in this project is to be available to respond to customers query and I consider myself fit for it as I do not have any other job commitments currently.I am usually online most of the time except for a few times while I am completing my daily errands.
Besides,I have great communication skills and I am a passionate writer. Also I have experience dealing with customers as I am a small-scale entrepreneur too.

My residence is in Mumbai,India (IST zone). I will be available usually everyday (except incase of any internet failures,or emergency situations)
None of my personal information is to be shared with the company or customers.

I do not have any experience in this particular work but I am keen to learn and manage it.
Customer Service, Data Entry, Database Administration
Customer Service, Data Entry, Database Administration, Tutors & Teachers, Photo Editing, Video Editing
Terms: 30 days

My name is Sean and I would like to know if the position is still available? I am fluent in english and I live in California which is pacific standard time. I always have my phone on me and out so I will be able to see any messages that I received throughout the day. Please let me know if I can tell you a little more about myself or if you have any other questions.


Sean A
Illustration & Art, Logo Design
Terms: 300 days
Good Day
send lease more info to test my skills

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