Which iPad Should You Choose?

Posted 16 April 2020

Finding the right place to buy a new iPad is extremely important. The most important decision you'll make is purchasing the right model for you. It's important to make sure you aren't limited to what an old iPad can do within the next few years. Buying an iPad that's used means purchasing one that you'll get a good deal on, check out Surplus Network

Let's look at a common example to set the rest apart from. As a model for comparison, the 16 GB model is ideal. Apple increases the price for each model by $100 if you jump your level of storage up. 

The 9.7-inch iPad Pro:

You Shouldn't buy the original model. It's a serious don't buy with this one. This model is sort of glorified for its only function of being a paper weight. It's a good idea to avoid the iPad 2, iPad 3, and the mini. Those models are currently considered obsolete. They aren't even able to update and the latest apps won't work on these devices. When it comes to their speed, these models all match in capability. The upside of one device is the iPad 3. This model comes with some extra graphics, but only to create support for the Retina Display. It'll give you the same performance as the iPad 2. Those who only want to spend a fraction of the price of a new model, less than $50, will only be able to search the web on the model. It's a better idea to go with a new model if you'd like to do more. 

The iPad 4: 

This model is considered obsolete as well. It's important to practice caution when looking into this one. Beyond a web browser, it can support eBooks. Those who have minimal needs may find this model fine. As you'll find with the above mentioned, this model cannot support new apps at all. It is also impossible to update. 

The iPad Air, iPad mini 2, 3 and 4, iPad Air 2: 

These models are basically a cluster of the iPad Air and iPad Air 2. You also have the option of getting a smaller mini version that has a 7.9 inch screen. It's equivalent to processing and power to the other models. Basically, the power of the iPad mini 2 and iPad Air 3 are equivalent. The Mini 3 and 4 are pretty much equal in power to the Air 2. The newest model available goes for around $329 at an Apple store. You should be able to find a pretty good discount for these models. These devices lack the ability to support the smart keyboard or the pencil; however, they're pretty much equal to the new models in everything else.


The First Generation 12.9 and 9.7 iPad Pro: 

These models still have great speed and support from Apple developers. These guys are a bit more pricey than the older models; however, they will last much longer. 

The 2018 5th Generation: This is the next best thing to the iPad Pro model. Since it's around 3 years old, made in 2017. It comes with a standard 9.7 inch screen. With its age considered, it has a relatively large lifespan. When you're considering how long tablets last it fairs well. Consider this if you're looking for a cheaper version than the iPad Pro models. 

The Second Generation 12.9 and 10.5: 

These models being only a year old will be the best used version you can find. You'll find a completely refurbished one to be around $550 on the Apple website. At least for the 2017 10.5 inch model. This means saving one-third of the price.


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