Mkrtich Karapetyan 

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    July 2020
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    Good day, I graduated from school with an English bias and also did self-study, studied Photoshop Corel Draw HTML PHP did not attend courses, I just studied everything on my own.


    For 5 years he worked as an advertising agent in an advertising agency, developing design work with clients.

    I worked in various centers and also became a manager in the USA.


    Since 2019, I work on freelance performing various tasks.
    Including translations of the presentation, website analysis, content compilation, listing compilation, and many more different directions.
    On freelance, I found work as a remote sales manager in the USA
    The firm was based in Los Angeles.
    After a month of training, I already fully worked as a sales manager.
    As long as I have more than five years of experience working in an advertising agency, I used all my skills during sales.
    The company suspended its activities due to coronavirus.
    Also, currently working in an American company for processing correspondence on small orders.
    I am more attracted to the work of attracting customers and sales, regardless of the service or product.
    And my multi-disciplinary experience in various fields that helps me quickly understand the changing situation and find the right clients for communication methods helps me in this.
    I am constantly in contact with freelancers on freelance.
    For a sales manager I have sufficient experience and knowledge and also am versed in various areas in computer programs and the Internet which allows me to fearlessly navigate the situation.
    If the task or program was not previously known, then I try to quickly learn it after passing the training in order to master all the skills of using it.


    our team works

    our team works

    Website Development, Ecommerce Website Development

    10 usd / 1 hour