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February 2019
Houston, TX Headquarters 2717 Commercial Center Blvd Ste. E200, Katy
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Fastpaths Simplified Website Design

Fastpaths previous website was not simple. For users, the site navigation proved difficult. The language was technical, and the design relied heavily on the use of red. Most visitors left not knowing where to go next after landing on the homepage. So, the main issue that needed resolving? Ensuring anyone who visited the site would know precisely what Fastpath did. With new templates already in hand, Marketing Manager Heather Robinson looked to LyntonWeb to re-style them with Fastpath branding and complete the job.
Through the partnership, Fastpath and LyntonWeb created lots of variety in the templates layouts, leaving room for specific call-to-action offers. We also helped them with their site architecture and mapping. Concerning design, the new websites colors maintained some red but incorporated new ones and styles to give the site a new look. Because Fastpath wanted to highlight their content, we created a custom blog feed for them that showcased their latest work.
added: 5 years ago