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Budget 250$ per month
Posted: 4 year ago
Research local target markets, advisors, & investors in my USA area

I need research done on possible local target markets and advisors / investors in the San Jose / Silicon Valley area. Within 30 miles of San Jose, CA where I live.

Launching a new disruptive real estate technology company soon. URL is

Our target market is primarily real estate professionals that includes:
1. Funds, REITs and investment groups, who buy 10+ properties a year, small apartments or SFR. Investment groups like Roofstock and their competitors.
2. Real estate builder/developers.
3. Some CRE brokers/brokerage that represent the prior 2 market segments.
4. Data companies or other companies where we could blend our data to improve other B2B real estate products that have a SaaS or clear revenue model that we could enhance.

Initially we are NOT targeting any residential agents/brokers/firms, since they only care about commissions and leads and not quality data.

Initially, I am only looking for contacts within the San Jose/Silicon Valley Area. I live in Campbell, CA, so within a 40 min drive.

The plan is to call them, and set up a in person meeting. And our tech is so disruptive, it is best to meet in person. Ideally so we can get feedback and close an office or group so I can get enough funds to keep going. Maybe build other in-house custom apps. I am also looking for help in doing online demos and closing larger deals ASAP. Time is the essence here.

Also, I need to find advisors/mentors for advice, and raise some seed capital. A min of $50,000 soon to get my first 100 paying customers and ideally more funds, so we can grow, probably initially a max of 100,000 until we have more traction. Application is built, years in the making, but just launching, so not VC fundable.

So who would be the right angle advisor, mentor, angle investor to approach in the SF Bay area?

All research to include:
Name, title, company phone #, direct phone #, company URL, email address, and comments/additional info. If a possible advisor/mentor/seed investors, what companies they are and have worked with and invested in.

I need this research done ASAP and a fixed bid. Thanks, Eddie
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