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This is an urgent data analysis case study task that requires advanced Excel work and report writing explaining the findings, with an analytical style that is well backed by the data provided and good writing and communication skills... The work has to be shown on excel as well as word doc for the final report
and charts and graphics to support the findings. This is the case study as follows:

"As a financial institution regulated by the Regulator (FCA), Bank Revolut has the obligation to verify the identity of
all customers who want to open a Revolut account. Each prospective customer has to go
through a Know Your Customer (KYC) process by submitting a government-issued photo ID and
a facial picture of themselves to our partner, Veritas. Veritas then would perform 2 checks:
• Document check: To verify that the photo ID is valid and authentic;
• Facial Similarity check: To verify that the face in the picture is the same with that on the
submitted ID.
The customer will ‘pass’ the KYC process and get onboarded if the results of both Document
and Facial Similarity checks are ‘clear’. If the result of any check is not ‘clear’, the customer has
to submit all the photos again.
The “pass rate” is defined as the number of customers who pass both the KYC process divided
by the number of customers who attempt the process. Each customer has up to 2 attempts.
The pass rate has decreased substantially in the recent period.
Please write a report that outlines the root causes and suggest solutions.

Relevant files:
• Reports of all Facial Similarity checks
• Reports of all Document checks
• veritas.html - The API documentation of Veritas explaining some terms used in the reports.
The candidate is free to use Excel or any scripting language to parse and analyse the data.
Please show all your work (including your code if applicable) and assumptions as well as
provide a pdf / keynote with your findings (outcomes).

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