creating the perfect logo for a fashion house.

matthewscheetz1974 :
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Budget $1k-$3k safe
Posted: 3 year ago

we need a perfect logo(s) design to protray our ideas to the world and at the time attract more visitors and customers to our website.

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Terms: 1 day
Hello!, I can create it see my social media pages to get more info about my portfolio.
Data Entry
Terms: 5 days
Hello Sir.
We are a Graphic Design agency called 10designs .net , our team is interested on your project, and we are ready to help you get a perfect logo for oyur company, please visit out website to see our portfolio.
Your early response in this regard would be highly appreciated

Best Regards
Data Entry, Business Consulting, Banner Design
Data Entry, Business Consulting, Banner Design, Corporate Brand Identity, Logo Design, Web Design, PPC Marketing, Project Management, Video Editing, Video Production
Terms: 10 days
Hello, Matthew.
I have experience in the creation of logo design and brand development.
Please watch my portfolio by the link

Best regards,
Logo Design The Baker's Pimp
Logo Design Scott Smith Injury Law
Logo Design Organic
Logo Design Brillego
2D Graphics, Banner Design, Logo Design
2D Graphics, Banner Design, Logo Design, Mobile App Development, Software Development, System Programming, Web Development, CMS Development, Ecommerce Website Development, Website Layout
Terms: 3 days
Hello Sir/Ma
We are a team of professional Graphic designer, willing to handle your project, according to your wish, to fit your needs,

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