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Work in the field of photo and video making, their processing and audio editing is a huge layer of professional activity, the demand for which specialists remains consistently high and stable. To  find a photographer, videographer and audioediting freelancer use the website`s options. Professionals, looking for orders on the website, are engaged in all stages of the core process, including voiceover, photo processing, various work with music and sounds, video editing and much more. For best results, we recommend contacting professionals whose fairness is confirmed by a high website`s rating.

The best freelancers in the photo, video, audio activity fields are able to produce the highest quality product based on the latest technical equipment, using the appropriate software. The goals of its creation can vary from personal needs to professional use, which for   the good freelance photographer, videographer or audio editor   will never be a reason to lower the bar. Common professionals are engaged in all production stages, narrow profile masters prefer to improve themselves in certain process stages. 

Freelancer Ale Plato
Photography, Video Production
Freelancer Vlad Bond
Photography, Photo Editing
Freelancer Светлана Магина
Photography, Photo Editing, Video Editing
Photography, Photo Editing, Video Editing, Video Production
Freelancer Alexander Novikov
Photo Editing, Photography


I am professional photographer and retoucher from Moscow, Russia.

My experience more than 13 years.

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Freelancer Vlad Gor
Video Editing, Video Production, Audio Production

I help people to shape content in accordance to their vision and goals so it can match highest consumer's expactations.


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Freelancer Yana Mikhailova
Video Editing, Photo Editing, Video Production
Video Editing, Photo Editing, Video Production, Photography
Editing video-journey for YouTube channel or family arc
Travel to Ukraine - promotion
Video clip for music band
Selling video for your business
Video for children's YouTube channel
Freelancer Oksana Stokalyuk
Voice Over, Copywriting, Editing & Proofreading
Voice Over, Copywriting, Editing & Proofreading, Vector Graphics, Handmade, Icon Design, Photo Editing
per day
Freelancer pronab das
Video Editing, Photo Editing, Video Production
Video Editing, Photo Editing, Video Production, Print Layout Design, Packaging Design, Print Design
per project

I am Pronab das.
Video Editor & Motion Graphic designer.
I have 4 years experienced in this sector. And 3years experienced as an assistant.
I love to take changing project &...

I am skilled with:
1. Adobe Premiere Pro
2. Adobe After effect
3. Adobe Photoshop
4. Adobe Illustrator

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Promotional Video
Motion Graphic
Freelancer Mykola Dzyudzya
Audio Production, Voice Over
per project
Freelancer Natalya Temnikova
Translation, Photo Editing
per project
I will remove the background from the images, process photos
Freelancer Arminas Bogusevicius
per project
Freelancer Hendryck Guevara
Video Production, Photo Editing
Freelancer Iryna Andriyevska
Video Editing, Video Production, Photography
Video Editing, Video Production, Photography, 2D Animation, Public Relations (PR), Business Analysis

Hi there!

We are a team that consist of Photo & Videographer (hybrid shooter) and Business Developer/ Analyst. We've been doing it for four years. Dominic, the Videographer, learned from the most talente...

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Freelancer Barbara Pochet
Article & Blog Writing, Copywriting, Content Management
Article & Blog Writing, Copywriting, Content Management, Rewriting, Audio Production, Voice Over
Freelancer Дима Герасимов
Photo Editing, Photography
Freelancer Justinas Sruoginis
Voice Over, Audio Production

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Freelancer jbcloete
Photo Editing, Photography, Video Production
Photo Editing, Photography, Video Production, Video Editing, Voice Over
Worcester NU
South Africa
Car Removal
Car Removal
Car removal
Wedding Photo
Wedding Photo
Freelancer chrisvoice
Voice Over, Audio Production, Article & Blog Writing
Voice Over, Audio Production, Article & Blog Writing, Content Management, Copywriting, Creative Writing, Editing & Proofreading, Rewriting, Speeches & Resumes, Transcription
United States
Freelancer mayacreativelab
Customer Service, Audio Production, Music & Sound Design
Customer Service, Audio Production, Music & Sound Design, Voice Over, Web Development, Technical Support
Mexico City

Hi, My name is August, I’m from Mexico City.

I’ve been a freelancer for more than 8 years, this means that I’m the strategist, vendor, creator, and my own customer service representative. Additionally, I do have call center customer service experience working for US companies in both English and Spanish.

I know how to work with minimal supervisi...

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Sound Design
Website Development

Where to hire remote photographers, cameramen, audio editors?

In order not to be mistaken with the choice, find the opportunity to view already implemented freelancer`s projects. In many cases, they are presented in the personal profile and are open for viewing by everyone. If you are not completely sure of your choice, post the freelance project, it`s for free. Responded candidates will actually prove their level of qualification and work efficiency. After the collaboration, always leave a review, both positive and negative – it is important for us to provide users with the most objective profile.